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Print sizing:

The prints that I offer are in a variety of symmetrical photographic sizes. Making the prints sized correctly prevents a stretched look of the original image just to meet the generic photo paper sizes. A minor detail but very important in keeping the angle of view as correct as possible. A lot of photo papers have a height to width ratio that pulls the image in an elongated fashion. I feel the best perspectives are based upon the field image being an ideal ratio of 6x7cm Medium Format or the 4x5 inch Large Format. Basically stated the 6x7cm requires a 4X ratio while the 4x5 inch only requires a 2X ratio to meet the very standard size of 8x10 inch print. These two formats have been referred to as the "ideal" formats for many reasons, this almost perfect sizing ratio would be the primary one. 

Finished print sizes include:

8x10 print
 (8.5x11 paper) - 11x14 print (11.7x16.5 paper) - 12x16 print (13x19 paper). These sizes allow a slight extra border around the photograph for ease of mounting. All prints are the final result of several steps. The first step being the most critical with the original image being captured on some of the finest grained films ever made, Fuji - Astia, Provia, or Velvia  transparency films. These transparencies are then reviewed for overall focus quality, composition, and color fidelity. They are then scanned at a very high resolution, reviewed for the smallest debris removal in Photo Shop as well as all color correction needs prior to final printing.
All popular size prints sold receive this test review process before being printed with the very fine Epson R2400 printer and 100+ year lightspeed rated K3 UltraChrome Inks on one of Epson's Premium Archival Papers.
Usually printed and shipped in one to two days from receipt of order.

16x20 print  - 20x24 print . These larger sized prints are farmed out to the long standing & best large print organization on the west coast. After working with just a couple vendors over the years for my larger prints, I have found this organization to be the very best after numerous recommendations from a variety of photographers I know personally. Although the turn around time is a bit longer then prints I handle at home, the files used are identical in all respects and provide me with the very same look I obtain with my own printer. 

I do not offer framed or matted items. I find it is an extra expense in freight that could be better applied toward the finished product on a local level by the customer to meet their personal decor. Most landscape photographs in my opinion work very well with a white or black archival matte, and a wooden or metal frame of choice. Too much color applied to the matte or frame tends to lessen the high impact a colorful image has to offer.

Upon receipt of a print: 

To obtain the best in true archival protection I highly recommend all prints receive the best in handling with regard to finger print protection, and should ultimately be mounted with an archival acid free mat in a glass covered frame. The mat is a must to keep the print from making direct contact with the glass. This "air gap" supplies the right space required for overall longevity.

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