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My prints are printed with the high quality Giclee process. What is Giclee you ask? It is a Sophisticated and Widely Celebrated Printing Process. Giclee (pronounced "gee-clay"), is a highly sophisticated inkjet printing process that was introduced in the late 1980s. Its so sophisticated, in fact, that it produces prints, which truly capture the artist's original intent. Even museums have realized the vast potential of this technology and have made giclee editions a permanent part of their collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) to name a few.

My Giclee prints are created from high-resolution digital and or film images, using the finest quality ink and paper stock available, resulting in color saturation and image detail capture that exceeds other types of image reproduction.


I specify my Giclee prints to be generated on a 7-color Epson 9600 ink jet printers. These printers are often referred to as 8-color printers, but that's because they include 2 types of black inks - matte black for fine art papers and canvases, as well as a black ink designed specifically for photo papers. As you might imagine, the Epson 9600 produces amazingly detailed prints of both works of fine art and photographs. And, I use Epson Ultrachrome inks, exclusively, because of their archival quality and true colors. All of this guarantees you a museum-quality work of art that can be enjoyed for generations. Your print will be laid down on a luster surface.



Thank you.

Limited Edition
All prints are offered in signed numbered editions with 500 being the largest number. The number of editions per image drop as the size of the print goes up.

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