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I am delighted to announce that my Limited Edition range of color and black and white prints are now available from VisionLight Gallery.

Only 300 signed, dated and numbered prints are produced of each image in the Limited Edition Print series.  Each print comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. 

About the prints.
The prints represent the end of a journey, both artistic and technical - they have to capture both my photographic vision and the technical details and subtleties. For this reason, I work with a world–class professional laboratory which uses a Tango drum scanner (for film originals) and a Chromira Digital Enlarger for color prints. The Chromira is a digital enlarger that exposes Fuji Crystal Archive type C (light sensitive) photographic paper with LEDs. The photo paper is then processed in RA-4 chemistry yielding what many consider to be the definitive (traditional) photographic print. With black and white prints, however, an Epson 9800 Inkjet Printer is used together with Epson Premium Luster or Museo Silver Rag papers. The reason for the different approach for black and white prints is the wider range of tones, and particularly blacks, which can be attained with the inkjet process.

The prints are of true archival quality and are as such heirlooms, where the Chromira prints have lives expected to exceed 60 years, and the inkjet prints have even longer lives (over 100 years), provided they are archivally mounted, framed and suitably lit. Please Note: When selecting a print, it is important to consider not only the choice of the image, but also the décor of the room in which it will hang, and especially the lighting. Even with archival papers or inks, exposure to high humidity, or strong artificial or direct sunlight, will cause degrading or fading of the image. Guidelines for handling and mounting prints are provided with each print.

Several print sizes are offered to match several original formats of 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x4.5cm, 35mm and 24x65mm / 6x17cm (or other) panoramic sizes. The process involves either scanning an original transparency or preparing an original (12-22 MPixel) digital file, followed by color correction and removing dust and other artifacts in Photoshop. Next, the image is matched to the original transparency via several artists’ proofs and then archived digitally as a master file, thus ensuring every single print in an edition exactly matches the original. Only then are individual prints produced.

The prints are packaged in acid free materials and shipped either flat or rolled, depending on size. High quality matting and framing are available at extra cost, please contact us for details.

The sizes offered and prices for each print are provided on the drop down menu for each image. Please note that the actual image sizes are slightly smaller than the print sizes shown. This is because each print has a ¼" border on three sides for framing and a ½" border on the bottom for signing.

With some of the images captured on medium format film with the associated extraordinary detail and sharpness, even larger print sizes can be produced with stunning detail and clarity. Please contact us if you have specific requirements for oversize prints.

Finally, I would like to mention that while we try our very best to match the image on the website with the print, a low resolution jpeg file cannot describe the acuity, detail and range of color and tone of the actual print.



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