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All of my prints are printed with the finest inks and papers available on the market. I print on Heavyweight matte and Glossy paper and use my own preference to determine which media type best suits the photograph.  Each print is part of a limited edition (50 to 500) and is mounted on acid-free museum quality archive mat board and will have a 4-ply exterior mat window around the image. The prints are signed, numbered, dated and will increase in price as the editions expire.


Prints are available in the following sizes:


Picture Size (inch)                       Mount board Size (inch)                   Exterior Mat Board (inch)

5x7                                                                 8x10                                                        8x10

8x10                                                               11x14                                                      11x14

11x14                                                             16x20                                                      16x20

13x19                                                             20x24                                                      20x24

16x20                                                             20x24                                                      20x24

Note: Sizes offered are approximte and may vary slightly.  



-          Photograph only

-          Oversize photographs (sizes not listed above, larger or smaller)

-          Toned photos (Sepia)

-          Media type (Matte, Glossy, Rag paper)

-          Framed and sealed ready for display (Thin Black frame)

-          Exterior mat board color variations (Unless otherwise requested, all photographs are complemented by Museum-White mat board)


I take great pride in the final presentation of the photograph and will be happy to discuss you individual preferences to better fit your need.

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