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I am a landscape and nature photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. I have been a photographer for over 30 years, starting out early on in school using an old Kodak folding-bellows camera from my father. My father taught me how to use a darkroom at about the same time, and I have been involved with both taking photographs and making prints ever since. My equipment has changed over the years, going from black-and-white film and 35mm colour slides to digital imaging, and from processing film and prints in my home darkroom, to processing images on a computer and making vibrant inkjet prints.

My subject matter has evolved as well, but my first love has always been nature. Initially I was interested in exploring details in nature that most people ignored. I used my camera to focus closely to leaves and flowers, and also photographed natural areas in the city that were largely ignored. Since then, I have broadened my viewpoint to include “intimate” landscapes and larger landscapes as well as macro images, cityscapes as well as natural landscapes, and abstract images as well as traditional images.

Photography provides the perfect combination of my technical training, artistic heritage, and my love of nature. It provides an antidote to the stresses of daily life, allowing me to escape the buzz of the city, and exchange it for the peace and quiet of a lake at sunrise.

About Robert Williams' Print Offerings      View The Robert Williams Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists