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I was fascinated with photography at  an early age, convincing my parents to buy me a 35mm camera at 14 years old. At 16, my requested gift was a 35mm enlarger. My darkroom was very simple then, but quickly grew as I grew. When I left home after college, my immediate need was an apartment with room for a full time darkroom and enough space to start a studio.

I worked in photography for over 25 years. The vignettes of life I saw through my viewfinder always seemed to be a treat for my eyes and watching my images appear in the developer gave me the same satisfaction I felt when putting paint to canvas. My photography was an extension of my background in fine arts. I consider photography an art; a moment in time, shared by the camera and the person behind it. The final print is the way to share that vision.

In 1983 I formed a photographic partnership with Mary Bavouset called Two View Photography. With this collaboration my photography grew to include color images of nature as well as macro-photography and so I expanded my vision from the urban photography I preferred at the time. I now work in both black & white and color, though I still have a preference for black & white images. I have recently made the transition to digital using Nikon equipment and Adobe software.

I invite you to look at and enjoy my photographs.



About Rosalind Raia's Print Offerings      View The Rosalind Raia Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists