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I was around 15 years old when I felt a need to express my love of nature in all its forms through photography. My first camera was a little Ricoh my brother-in-law let me “borrow”. With one lens and no light meter I began to learn about light and shadows through trial and error. Eventually, I set up my own darkroom. I could then take my images through the entire creative process. If the image did not quite “speak” its beauty I would try to transform it in the darkroom. Wherever I went my ever growing array of camera equipment was with me.

My main photographic interest is in nature with an emphasis on scenic images but I also like the close up world.  In 1983 I formed a photographic partnership with Rosalind Raia called Two View. From this collaboration my photography grew to include black and white images as well as seeing beauty in the urban world around me.

In the last few years I have retired my darkroom. I have found a new creative path in the digital world. I still shoot with my Canon or Pentax film cameras but scan my negatives and slides with a Minolta Dimage scanner. Now instead of spending hours in a darkroom I spend hours working in photoshop and enjoy every minute of it.

About Mary Bavouset's Print Offerings      View The Mary Bavouset Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists