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Terry and I have been working together as photographers for the last eleven years through our business Whitelight Photography. Our gallery is a combination of work we have done together and individually and often, neither of us can separate who shot what anymore.

Photography has been a gift for both of us and a passion we share. We are able to disappear from the hub of our everyday lives and absorb the beauty of the world around us. We rarely travel anywhere without being inspired by something we see. Light is always foremost in our thoughts. We prefer to photograph our subjects in what photographer John Sexton calls quiet light, the light that occurs at dusk and dawn. We are intent on trying to recreate the moment we experienced as accurately and precisely as we can through our images. We try to honor the color and intensity of the light we capture and the visual and emotional impact created by it.

We are happiest photographing the world around us in its natural glory. I prefer to do scenic, landscape and wildlife photography although some of our favorite black and white images have been created in our studio. Terry focuses more on macro photography. We prefer that our images look natural and using natural light is the simplest way to ensure that. There is a degree of bliss almost indescribable in that fleeting moment when the light and the subject matter merge to create a moment of significance. I am often so enraptured with what I am observing that I forget my purpose is to capture it.

We have been working predominantly with Nikon digital equipment in recent years although many of the images in our gallery were taken with a Hasselblad camera.

I do all of our image processing in our digital darkroom.  Although I love the versatility of Photoshop, I try to do a minimal amount of manipulation to our images to preserve the integrity of what we experienced.  We have abandoned our traditional darkroom and are now printing with an Epson 7900 and are thrilled with its versatility and exceptional print quality.

We hope that you will take the time to peruse our images. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

About T.White & T.Peterson's Print Offerings      View The T.White & T.Peterson Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists