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My name is Larry Watts and I live in Bellflower, California, with my wonderful wife and travel companion, Ginny.

I worked 37 years as a structural ironworker--the guys that put up highrise buildings  and retired in 1999 at the age of 57.  In addition to my  photography I am also a woodworker and make handcrafted furniture.

I have taken a few photography classes and quickly got bored.   I am mostly self-taught.  I do all my printing at the Tri Community School of Photography in Covina, California.  I have done some teaching and lecturing at that school.

When  I go on a photography trip I load my camera gear, baggage and my sweetie Ginny in our van and we take off with the song "On The Road Again" sung by Willie Nelson blasting away.  We have a good time!

My equipment consists of a Sinar 4 x 5 system.  I pack around five Nikon lenses and a Gitzo tripod.  Yes, it's heavy.  My film choice is T-max 400 with its short reciprocity times.  I develop it in HC-110 and I print on fiber paper for archival quality.

I'm pretty selective of the scenes I photograph.  I've made enough bad negatives without adding to the pile.  I never had to concern myself a lot with composition,  it just comes natural.  Film exposure times and printing are not so easy.  My work is fine art B & W silver prints.  The film and prints are wet processed by hand and the prints are selenium toned to obtain archival quality.

There are many times that I will come upon a scene that is quite lovely and if the light isn't right I will just stand there and admire it and won't make an exposure.

     The detail on my images is remarkable but regrettably does not show up well on this site. So please don't be fooled by what you see here. My photographs are full toned and are tack sharp.

Larry Watts

About Larry Watts' Print Offerings      View The Larry Watts Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists