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           I have been a photographer for about thirty seven years. My main subject matter  has  been people in the entertainment industry, but it always amazes me how even the most simple things in life can make a beautiful piece of art.It has only been the last several years that I have looked at my work as art. I guess sometimes we become so rapt up in the concept for the campaign that the only question is, does it suit the client?
         Often, I have had an art director tell me that this shot would look good over the fireplace, and always I would look at them puzzled. I don't look puzzled anymore. There is such pleasure to walk into different spaces and see more than one piece of mine on the wall.
         There are two ways to make a photograph, one is to capture the moment and the other is to create the moment with artificial lighting.
           Many times I will tell a young enthusiast, go learn how to use those strobes and tungsten lights,
and then the natural light will be more vibrant then ever. The best way to learn how to drive a car is with a stick shift , and then the automatic will be a breeze.

About Michael Greco's Print Offerings      View The Michael Greco Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists