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Trail Images Photography
Paul Breitkreuz

Growing up in the state of California provided me the best in outdoor climate probably in the entire world. I have always been a very active outdoor person and this need for being outside all the time brought about what I feel are some very true positives in my life. As a result I devote time, effort, and money to these very important subjects. They are; the protection toward all wildlife, the environment, & our National Park system, as well as a tremendous effort toward my own photographic endeavors. 

I have been a field photographer for over 20 years now and find myself indulging further into the art form more then every before. It is hard for me not to apply this effort toward something that I find meets a true blend of providing a visual record that can be shared with others, as well as my own need to see these natural "Magical Moments" unfold while I'm on location.

All images I have captured are with either a Mamiya RB67 ProSD Medium Format camera, or with a Wista DXIII Large Format 4x5 field camera. These two platforms allow a tremendous amount of flexibility as well as the best in overall quality for excellent field images. All the photographs in my gallery are captured on the long time professional industry standard of Fuji - Velvia, Provia, or Astia films. Once these images are processed into transparencies for my final review, they are then converted into digital format with a very high-resolution scan. These scans then provide the best for overall storage, transport, and large print output. All digital scans and image output are performed with the use of the Microtek i900 Scanner & the Epson 2400, 7800 printer systems throughout.

I hope you will receive some positive energy upon review of my work and I look forward to hearing from you at anytime.

About Paul Breitkreuz's Print Offerings      View The Paul Breitkreuz Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists