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Giedrius Varnas' fascination with photography began when he received a first camera for his 12th birthday. Some time later parents helped him to build a very basic black and white darkroom. During the teenage years of finding and loosing he lost any interest in photography.
During his studies at university, Giedrius discovered photography again, this time in color. He photographed various subjects, but with time his disappointment only grew. Most of time photos turned out uninteresting and dull. And then Giedrius suddenly rediscovered black and white. It was a whole new experience. In his own darkroom, he could tune a photo indefinitely until he was fully satisfied with it. Moreover, monochrome allowed him to express ideas more clearly. He loved abstractive nature of the monochrome, the way it hided details, he loved tonality, loved almost everything about it.

After spending some time in the wet darkroom, Giedrius switched to the digital darkroom. It simplified editing of images and saved time. And with archival quadblack inks he could achieve prints of similar quality to traditional silver gelatin. Although with Photoshop one can do anything with an image, but Giedrius mostly limits editing to traditional controls: dodge, burn, contrast manipulation, and some retouching. It is a part of his philosophy. It is about reflection of world and honesty. Places and objects in Giedrius photographs exist somewhere. The viewer can find them in the same way Giedrius have found them to take a picture. But it is not about documenting the natural world. Giedrius experiments with light and contrast freely to convey and strengthen his message. Giedrius still captures images on film.

Giedrius lives in the Netherlands, between Amsterdam and the Hague, with his wife and two children.

About Giedrius Varnas' Print Offerings      View The Giedrius Varnas Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists