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Thanks for visiting my VisionLight Gallery.  I’ve been a professional photographer for over 35 years, traveling the world shooting magazine and advertising assignments.  During my career, I’ve had more than 500 magazine covers published and have photographed just about every subject you can imagine – from scuba diving to race cars, celebrities to fine food, architecture to industry and much more.

After many years of shooting with Nikon film cameras, I’m now fully dedicated to digital image capture, utilizing Canon EOS digital cameras.  Photoshop is used to fine-tune each image to optimize its potential.  I’ve always loved photographs with strong graphic content, bold colors and a sense of place. 

I’m delighted to be able to offer the best of these images as Fine Art prints.  I hope you enjoy my gallery and find an image that would be perfect for your home or office.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 

Thanks again,

Steve Essig

About Steve Essig's Print Offerings      View The Steve Essig Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists