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I currently live in Washington State but grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  My Grandmother, whom I lost 10 days shy of her 99th birthday, sparked my interest as a photographer.  She made her living as a portrait photographer and retired in the early 80’s after a 40 year career.  I learned black and white processing from her and basic lighting.  She gave me a 4×5 view camera which I used for years.  Many of my images were taken with Canon 35mm digital and film cameras, but now I am using Nikon equpiment.  One of her instructors, Floyd Lee, was still in the business when I was first learning from my Grandmother.   Floyd owned Floyd Lee Color Lab in Seattle.  I can’t say that I studied under him, but I certainly was inspired by his work and conversations.  I took a several year hiatus from photography to work as a professional musician and to work in the computer field.  I returned and completed the Professional Photography Course from the New York Institute of Photography.  Though I enjoy portrait photography, as did my Grandmother, I find I enjoy outdoor photography even more.  I love to hike and bike in the mountains as I search for new areas to photograph.  
I try not to typecast myself as "just" a scenic photographer or "just" a wildlife photographer.  Rather, I tend to capture many different subjects on film.  Whereas chasing a small, fast moving colorful object in bird photography is one of my favorite challenges, watching the sun disappear from the horizon to become a pink sunset during a warm summer evening can hardly be beat.  A winter scene accessible only by snowmobile reminds me of how beautiful the world can be.
Thank you for visiting my gallery.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Rob Pleas

About Rob Pleas' Print Offerings      View The Rob Pleas Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists