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I have been photographing using natural light since purchasing my first 35MM camera and joining the local camera club.  It was primarily a Black & White world back then as color printing was still an exotic process.  I believe that it is only in undergoing the complete photographic process itself that one can truly experience the creative flow and beauty, which is photography. 

This includes not only the image capture but (before digital it was film processing, image enlargement), editing, printing, mounting and framing.  Each stage of the process requires a unique level of understanding and creativity and  I have been participating in each of these separate disciplines for many years and  I have always considered myself to be a student of the art.  With the advent of desktop photography I have completely abandoned my darkroom and I now produce all of my Color and Black & White images as digital prints .

I primarily look for texture and quality of light with my images, but too often when traveling abroad time does not permit one to wait for the "best light" situation.  When shooting the images at Angkor Wat the skies were commonly very thin with little or no cloud texture and scant direct sunlight so I really needed to emphasize the temple images without reliance on an interesting backdrop or contrast.  When time permits I prefer to shoot with  sidelight available during the early morning and late afternoon hours.  When looking for color, I like to emphasize the presence of a dominant color and its contribution to the look and feel of a scene.  If the subject matter is somewhat mundane I try to uncover a different perspective that uses the juxtaposition of contrasting and complementary color within the frame for added interest. I am also attempting to add a feeling of place and cultural identity when shooting in locations outside of the US.
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Bob Tingley

About Bob Tingley's Print Offerings      View The Bob Tingley Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists