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Born near Toronto in 1956 I first became interested in Photography while living on Vancouver Island in 1974.  With my used Konica camera I was fascinated with Landscape Photography and started to work in the Photographic Industry in Edmonton in 1976.

From there I worked in Yellowknife, Calgary and finally Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have owned my own Studio since 1985.

Many times a year I take weeklong fieldtrips shooting scenery and wildlife. Most of my scenics are of Saskatchewan with the exception of my 3 week trip to New Zealand. I traveled around the North and South Islands capturing the natural beauty of the South Pacific. From Auckland in the North to Queenstown in the South I couldn't believe the stunning scenery and incredible culture that is New Zealand.

I am equally amazed at the beauty of Saskatchewan. From the incredible skies and low light of the Southern half of the Province to the secluded lakes and wilderness of the North.

I hope you enjoy my Gallery and invite you to email your questions and comments.

Mark Duffy



About Mark Duffy's Print Offerings      View The Mark Duffy Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists