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Growing up in Colorado's breathtaking landscapes, I have always had a passion for nature. After 25 years as an environmental scientist striving to clean up the toxic legacy that threatens our environment, I felt the need to seek out the beauty in nature. So I turned to my true love, preserving and sharing nature's beauty. Resurrecting my childhood interest in photography, I spent several years teaching myself the fundamentals of photography and then honing those skills until I was able to put on film the subtle nuances of nature's beauty..

I also found that my view of nature changed as my artistic skills improved. I no longer went out to "take" pictures of nature, but instead I went out to receive what nature had to offer. The more I opened my heart to nature's gifts, the more I saw and the more I received. The photographic outings became for me an almost religious experience. The wild places that I visit have taken on a sacred quality that I try to express in my photographs. I frequently do this by utilizing ephemeral natural lighting and weather phenomena to achieve dramatic and emotional landscapes.

I strive to capture unique images, rather than the oft-photographed landscapes that are typically seen. Consequently I have few photographs of the well-known landmarks and those that I do have are not the typical views. I look for the places where the spirit of the land still resides, tucked quietly away from the onrush of the new millennium. In my photographs, I attempt to preserve a hint of the land's spirit that nurtures the human spirit; a nurturing that we often overlook in the frantic pace of daily life in the 21st Century.

I feel that my photography tends more toward fine art, so I shoot primarily with a 6x7 medium format camera. I feel that the larger prints that can be obtained from a larger format more effectively represent the magnitude of nature. I do most of my creative work in the camera, using digital manipulation of the image very sparingly in making the print.

The images that you see here hopefully will touch your soul and move you to a deeper appreciation of the beauty that is being buried under the onslaught of modern civilization.

May the footprints we leave behind show that we've walked in kindness toward the earth and every living thing. May our lives be a dance of celebration, and may the wind broadcast peace to all our children's children.

-- inspired by Native American philosophy

Frank Weston


About Frank Weston's Print Offerings      View The Frank Weston Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists