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My truest calling has been photography. I originally kindled a love for artistic photography after being conscripted by my high school to be its “annual” photographer.

My working life has included school teaching, social work administration and portrait/wedding photography, but all have brought me inexorably to my most fulfilling and productive endeavor – that of creating art with photography. I have worked professionally in photography for almost 30 yrs. 

My natural ability and years with photography have allowed me to recognize form and line, to observe nuance and produce images that reveal another level of beauty in the natural world - in the case of my floral work - and images that capture scenes of Life in America.

I invite you to enter my gallery and take pleasure in some fresh perspectives of the floral world and the human experience.


Michael Moschogianis


About Michael Moschogianis' Print Offerings      View The Michael Moschogianis Gallery      Information On All Photo Artists