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Portraying Merle Oberon
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Portraying Merle Oberon
SKU: MGR-0008
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I've always have been an admirer of George Hurrel, and in this shot I wanted to achieve something similar to what he did with actress Merle Oberon. I shot this with a hasselblad medium format camera and a 150mm lens. Lights are Normans and film  was plusx 125. I like shooting with a medium speed to slower speed film as to be able to provide sharper images. I am a hands on person so all my work is in house. I  make all my own enlargements therefore quallity is guaranteed. Each enlargement is a silver gelatin print and are printed on double weight fiber base paper, and all are signed and of limited editions. They are available in these sizes and numbers.(8x10,11x14,100 per size)(16x20,50)(20x24,25)