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 Wish List and Importance of Registering.

Wish List:
You may create one or more free Wish Lists to store links to selected images you would like consider for purchase, suggest as gifts or share with a friend or client.  Once you have identified a product you like click on the Wish List button at the bottom of that Product page.  At any time you can review your Wish List by clicking on Wish List on the top menu bar or in the Buyer Services pull down menu.  This replaces My Gallery which had a similar function in the old version. 

When you add an item to Wish List or the Shopping Cart you will have no problem viewing it as long as you remain connected to VisionLight or even when you return using the same PC in most circumstances.  That is because VisionLight uses "cookies" to be able to recognize you when you return.  However, if those "cookies" are deleted or if you return from another PC, it will not recognize you and cannot link you to your selected products.  The solution is to register by clicking log in and registering for an account.  It only requires you provide your email address and password.  Then in the future when you return you can log in if the system does not recognize you; and easily access your Wish List and Shopping Cart.