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 Gallery Director's Message

Welcome to the VisionLight Gallery featuring the creative visions of selected photographic artists. Let me review briefly who we are and how we can be of service to you.

A Photo Art Marketplace:
VisionLight Gallery is creating an Internet  photo art marketplace where potential buyers and talented artists can conduct business.  We provide a large, diverse, easy-to-access, growing portfolio of quality photographic artists and photo art, making VisionLight an important destination for individuals and professionals seeking to purchase photo art for their homes, businesses or art collections.


Because the photo art community is a cottage industry, it is difficult for art buyers to find all but the most popular artists. Likewise, photo artists find it difficult to connect with interested buyers. That is where VisionLight can help. VisonLight is constantly adding artists offering a highly diverse set of photo art. We seek out undiscovered talent and established photo artists alike.  VisionLight is also investing in web awareness and communication programs to build buyer awareness.

Visit Our Gallery; Enjoy Our Art
To fully understand who we are and how we can help, you must view our art.  You have the option of moving through our artists' individual galleries or view all our art by specific locations, subjects or type of photography.  Enlarged images are just a click away and those of interest can be placed in your shopping cart for later purchase through our automate checkout process.  We even offer a moneyback guarantee to take the risk out of buying.


Designed For The Individual And The Professional Buyer:
When we planned VisionLight we had two customers in mind; the individual and the professional buyer.  We have designed a set of services to make each of your visits productive.  Stop by our buyer services area to learn more about the free services we offer to make viewing and buying our art easier.  We have tried to include the information we thought you would need to make informed decisions without distracting you from enjoying our art. 


VisionLight Helps Photo Artists Enhance Exposure & Business:
If you are a photo artists, we invite you to learn about showing your photo art in our gallery.  We provide an attractive way to enhance your exposure and business. 

If you have quality photo art, I urge you to become part of VisionLight and its photo art marketplace.

Once again thank you for visiting our gallery. We are committed to making this a valuable experience for you. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Richard L. Mauro
VisionLight Founder, Director and Contributing Photographer