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 Copyright Protection and Disclaimer

This web site and all of its content are the property of R.L.Mauro & Associates aka VisionLight Gallery and are copyright protected worldwide. All photo art images shown in this gallery are the property of their respective artist and are copyright protected worldwide.
  • Regarding the PhotoArt Images: No one is permitted to use these images for any purpose other than to facilitate a purchase decision unless prior written permission is obtained from the artist. Artists will pursue any copyright violators to the full extent of the law. VisionLight Gallery has received permission from the artists to display their photo art on this site.
  • Regarding This Web Site: A visitor may use this site to make photo art purchasing decisions and may review, email, copy and print any image or web page provided that it is used as part of making the decision to purchase that photo art. The copyright notice must be included with any images or web page copied, printed or sent. No one may use this information for any other purposes without first obtaining written consent from VisionLight Gallery.
Purchaser's Rights:
All photo art images on this site are the property of their respective artists. Purchasers obtain specific rights regarding any photo art print purchased which are limited to displaying, storing or resale of that print. Purchasers may not copy, reproduce, modify or use this image for any other purposes unless they obtain prior written permission from the photo artist. If sold, the previous owner of the print must make it clear to any new purchaser that they are bound by these limitations.

VisionLight Gallery contains information that it believes to be accurate and complete. However, the material is presented without warranties and VisionLight cannot guarantee that accuracy and completeness. Therefore VisionLight disclaims any liability for any damage of any kind incurred by a visitor to our site to the full extent allowed by law. In any case, any damages paid are limited to payments received by VisionLight from the damaged party.

The artists on this web site represent to VisionLight that they have full copyrights to the images presented and have obtained any required "model releases". VisionLight therefore disclaims any liabilities for copyright infringement or claims by models for any image displayed or sold on this site.
Outside Product & Service Ownership:
Any product or service logos or trade names referenced on this site (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) are the property of the manufacturer of the product or provider of that service.