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 Professional Buyer: Prices and Services

VisionLight has a special program for The Professional Buyer, which we define as anyone who purchases art for clients. 

The program has three main elements:

  • Wholesale Pricing:  Contact us at or call us on 770-952-5734 to learn about our wholesale prices.  PLEASE PLACE THE FOLLOWING IN THE SUBJECT FIELD SO WE CAN EASILY SEPARATE YOUR EMAIL FROM MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SPAM WE RECEIVE:  BUYER INFO
  • Wish Lists For Clients: Save links to selected images in password-protected galleries for future review or email to clients.
  • Free Consultant Services: Provide us your photo art requirements and we will search our gallery for you and identify options.  We also will check with our artists to determine if they have good alternatives not presented in their galleries. 

The VisionLight Photographic Art Gallery offers the work of selected photographic artists covering a dazzling spectrum  of subjects and styles. Professional buyers are invited to view the creative vision of these artists in our photographic art gallery, where you may focus on a specific photographic artist or view topics of interests across all artists.  Fine art photographic prints of all images are available for purchase.  Please enjoy our art!

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View Individual Artists Galleries:    Color Only        Black & White Only        Color and B&W